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Surplus Cannon Barrels

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  1. Help with making a cannon out of a WWII surplus cannon barrel

    Help with making a cannon out of a WWII surplus cannon barrel ... I have a few of these WWII surplus cannon barrels and I'm wondering if they are good for a cannon?
  1. Surplus Cannon Barrels_Wiki Searcher

    Cannon Beach Gun Shop - Double Barrel Guns. About: Double Barrel Guns in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Surfboards, guns and groceries. What more do you need? 503-436-0475.
  1. cannon :: Best Military Surplus

    Pre-modern weapons cover include military surplus from about ... with other small pieces of material placed into the barrels that ... the cannon’s beginnings ...
  1. 20 mm vulcan barrels for sale - Forums

    i have a handfull of 20 mm vulcan barrels for sale... they came from a surplus plane my freinds dad bought ... 20mm Vulcan cannon barrel for sale, uncut and in great ...
  1. Grey-Star Cannon Technologies - Homestead

    These cannon barrels are cast, cleaned and ground out of the mold. Barrels can be bought solid for drilling your own bore in the diameter of your choosing.
  1. Cannons | Steen Cannons | Authentic U.S. military cannons

    Originally cast in bronze but often seen in iron this barrel was used during the ... Although there are several of these cannons that still exists, why they ...
  1. World War Two Cannons and related items for sale.

    World War II and later Cannons and Equipment For Sale! Museum quaility, live fire, and project pieces available.
  1. Steen Cannon & Ordnance Works - Steen Cannons | Authentic ...

    Manufacturer of full-scale Civil War Artillery. Barrels in cast iron and bronze; gun carriages in solid oak, aluminum, and ductile iron.
  1. World War One cannons for Sale and wanted!

    World War One British QF 18 Pound Field Cannon. PR Mark II ... we have ever had for sale and by far the v2000ery ... revolving cannon has 5 - 37mm barrels ...
  1. Cannons Online Classifieds Listings

    Cannon barrel only for sale, carriage not included. ... For Sale - A 6 kg cannon in excellent working condition. Interested parties may email