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  1. 14kp ring | Collectors Weekly

    Comments. SEAN68, 2 years ago Its beautiful!!!! Moonstonelover21, 2 years ago Well 14kp means pure tested 14k gold. It's more expensive to have that on jewelry.
  1. What does 14KP stylecrest mean on a gold ring -

    " 14K P" is solid gold. The P, does not stand for plated, but PLUMB, meaning exactly being of 14K content - solid 14K. The term 14KP stands for "karat plumb" gold ... › … › Fashion › Jewelry › Gold and Precious Metals
  1. Is jewelery marked 14kp real gold -

    Askville Question: Is jewelery marked 14kp real gold : Jewelry
  1. What does 14K L mean on gold ring -

    It might be solid gold, but it might not be. Sometimes there is a letter that identifies the maker, and sometimes this comes after the 14K mark. › Categories › Hobbies & Collectibles
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    Rainbow Pride Gifts presents you with a wide selection of Pride and high-fashion rings at extremely affordable prices.
  1. Diamond Rings - Heavenly Treasures

    14k White Gold Diamond Bow and Heart Promise Ring $249.00; Beautiful Promise Rings - 14k White Gold Diamond Heart Promise Ring $198.00; 1/2 Carat Diamond
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    Shenzhen Shenyuanye Trading Co., Ltd. Sells jewelry rings unique,ring fine jewelry,jewelry ring case and more at jewelry rings unique Online Store On ...
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    What do the Markings Stamped inside your Rings mean? Take a closer look at the Stamps and Marks inside your Ring and find out what they all mean. Some are Carat ...
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