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  1. Myths of the PCH Prize Patrol Van | PCH Blog

    Myths of the PCH Prize Patrol Van. Hi everyone, it’s me Danielle Lam with the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team. As I’m gearing up and getting ready for the next big ... › Big Check › PCH Prize Patrol
  1. Prize Patrol | PCH Blog

    If You Saw The Prize Patrol, What Questions Would You Ask Them? PCH Staff 3:00 pm | 208 Comments » Hi PCHers! You see them in videos, you read their blogs, and you ...
  1. Prize Patrol - Free Online Trivia Game | Play to Win at ...

    Help the Prize Patrol reach your house! Answer trivia questions to rack up points and chances to win great prizes at PCHgames!
  1. Slots: Prize Patrol - Chance to Win $100 Instantly ...

    Get ready to party with the prize patrol in this awesome slot game! We've got great casino games plus chances to win great prizes at!
  1. Behind the Scenes of the PCH Prize Patrol

    The PCH Prize Patrol may seem mythical, but it really exists find out how it feels to be on the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, and to award big prizes to ... › … › Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes Info
  1. How to Increase Your Chances of Being Visited By The PCH ...

    The PCH Prize Patrol is part of the company Publishers Clearinghouse and they are responsible for delivering prize money to the winners of their contests. › … › Charities & Organizations › Other Organizations
  1. PCH prize patrol and Publishers Clearing House Winners

    The PCH Prize Patrol travels across the country carrying a big check, roses, champagne and balloons for the Publishers Clearing House Winners. PCH Team:
  1. Warning Signs: I'm still waiting for the "Prize Patrol"

    Mar 08, 2010 · TexasFred said... I'd rather take my chances with the Texas Lottery, at least I'm helping MY home state.. March 8, 2010 at 10:18 AM Christopher said...
  1. Publishers Clearing House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a direct marketing company that markets merchandise and magazine subscriptions with sweepstakes, as well as prize-based …
  1. The New Coca Cola End of Year Prize Promotion Lottery Scam ...

    Here’s the scam email in full: Coca-Cola End Of Year Bonanza. The Coca-Cola BV Promotion/Prize Award Coca-Cola Plein 1223, 2AD Amsterdam,The Netherlands