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Pissant Bites

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  1. Pissant | Define Pissant at

    noun 1. Slang: Vulgar. a person or thing of no value or consequence; a despicable person or thing. 2. Obsolete . an ant. adjective 3. Slang: Vulgar. insignificant or ...
  1. Pissant, Piss Ants, Small Ant Pests, Sugar Ants

    Piss Ants or pissants are common description of many small, indoor ants species; from pissmire or pissemyre.
  1. Spider Bite Remedy: Bug, Flea, Tick Bites Pictures, Treatment

    Spider bite remedy, treat bug, flea, tick, bite pictures, treatments, remedies: bed bug, mosquito, flea, tick, camel, wolf, brown recluse, black widow spider bites ...
  1. Fire Ant Bite Home Remedies Fireant Natural Remedy

    Treating fire ant bites and stings. Information on reaction and treatment. Find a home remedy.
  1. Blazing Saddles (1974) - Quotes - IMDb

    Jim: Well, it got so that every piss-ant prairie punk who thought he could shoot a gun would ride into town to try out the Waco Kid. I must have killed more men than ...
  1. Spider Identification Comment-Number-1 -

    Thank you for posting site. Very informative and I enjoy reading and viewing others information also. A couple of years ago one dog was bit in the ...
  1. Remedy for the Itch from Ant Bites | ThriftyFun

    By bryantreshelle Report 06/11/2013. I have ant bites all over my toes and my neighbor put some dye free frosting with banking powder all over my toes.
  1. Pest Control |Grandma's Home Remedies

    Home Remedies for Mosquitoes. Besides the itchy red welts caused by mosquito bites, these infamous warm weather pests are known as carriers of the West Nile virus and ... › Outdoor Pests
  1. Do You Speak American . What Speech Do We Like Best ...

    The Big Book Of Beastly Mispronunciations: The Complete Opinionated Guide For The Careful Speaker by Charles Harrington Elster offers suggestions on how to pronounce ...
  1. Slang words for bad, poor, sucks, common, generally ...

    noun. an instance of someone "biting," as described in the verb forms relating to copying and plagiarism.That is such a bite! See more words with the same meaning: to ...,+poor,+sucks...
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