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  1. NHIF: National Hospital Insurance Fund

    NHIF seeks to establish partnership with individuals and/organizations to finance health insurance for indige2000nts including orphans & vulnerable children, poor older ...
  1. How to Make NHIF Payment Through M-Pesa - HubPages

    NHIF stands for National Hospital Insurance Fund which is actually a Government parastatal that was established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health. › Technology
  1. NHIF Pay Online_Wiki Searcher

    NHIF Pay Online_Wiki Searcher. NHIF Paycb6 Online_Wiki Searcher. how-to-remit-nhif-payments-online - ZaKenya. 10 months ago 2000How NHIF Provides Health …
  1. Profile - National Health Insurance Fund

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  1. how-to-remit-nhif-payments-online - ZaKenya

    10 months ago How NHIF Provides Health Insurance In Kenya For Both The Informal And The Formal Sectors. In Kenya, those in the formal employment are well aware of the ...
  1. NHIF – How To Set Effective Dates For Old/New Rates

    This is how to reset the effective dates of the NHIF tables:
  1. How To Make NHIF and NSSF Excel Return Files

    Both NHIF and NSSF require returns to be made in an Excel file. Here is how to create the Excel files from inside Nifty Payroll:
  1. History of foundation - НЗОК - nhif

    The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is regulated by the Health Insurance Act (1998), which introduced the mandatory health insurance and regulates the ...
  1. Howto register for National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF ...

    Hi Josephine, If you lost your job and were not able to pay contributions, you should notify NHIF immediately to avoid any penaulties. You might need to reapply to ...
  1. Patient's rights - НЗОК - nhif

    The National Health Insurance Fund defends the rights of health insured citizens. Reception rooms have been opened in the NHIF Central Office, in RHIF and in the ...