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  1. Re: Nm3/hr to m3/hr - Convert Units

    ››Re: Nm3/hr to m3/hr (09/06/2008, 12:52 AM) Nm3/hr - Normal Metres Cubed per Hour This is at a Temp of 0 deg C and 1013mbarA Sm3/hr - Standard Metres cubed per hour
  1. Nm3/hr to m3/hr - Convert Units

    Read the online unit conversion forum to find answers. The subject line of the message #3 is 'Nm3/hr to m3/hr'.
  1. CR4 - Thread: Nm3 / hr to M3 / hr . - GlobalSpec

    what is the conversion factor for NM3/Hr to M3/Hr. and for what condition ( Temp., Pressure)
  1. Nm3/ hr to m3 / hr - OnlineConversion Forums

    Re: Nm3/hr to m3/hr The N stands for Normal, meaning standard temperature and pressure. At standard temperature and pressure, then Nm 3 /hr = m 3 /hr
  1. nm3 /hr to kg /hr - OnlineConversion Forums

    We are measuring volumetric flow of SO3(10%) + Air(90%) in Nm3/hr. Please calculate 1600 Nm3/hr is in kg/hr.
  1. CR4 - Thread: Convert Nm ^3 to kg / hr - GlobalSpec

    I have Air flow in Nm^3/hr and oil flow in Kg/hr. so as to compare them i need to convert them to same units for Furnace application. I want to convert Nm^3/hr to kg/hr.
  1. Nm3/hr to SCFM | Airpack, custom made oil and gas packages ...

    Airpack is a supplier of turn-key equipment for the oil and gas industry all over the world and is a manufacturer of custom made air comprossor packages(screw ...
  1. Converting mg/Nm3 to kg SO2/hr - Physics Forums

    hi i have a SO2 meter that measures in mg/Nm3 i have to deturmin how many kg/hr Ca(OH)2 i have to add to absorb all the SO2. my question is how can i convert the mg ... › … › Materials & Chemical Engineering
  1. Eng-Tips: Chemical process engineering - Kg/hr to Nm3/hr

    How to convert 45kgs/hr of hydrocarbon @ 0.01067bar and 88 Deg C (M.Wt 160) to Nm3/hr and M3/hr?
  1. Gas convert Nm3/hr to Sm3/hr | BOiLER TODAY.COM

    Nm3/hr – Normal Metres Cubed per Hour This2000 is at a Temp of 0 deg C and 101.325 kPa. Sm3/hr – Standard Metres cubed per hour This is an old throw back from SCFM ...