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  1. Chai (symbol) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chai is a Hebrew word that figures prominently in modern Jewish culture ; the Hebrew letters of the word are often used as a visual symbol. It is not an ancient ...
  1. Stitches by Sue

    Jewish Machine embroidery designs for all holidays, rituals, and events in a Jewish home and synagogue.
  1. The Oldest Churches in the World, L’Chaim!

    Here’s a list of 5 of the oldest churches in the world from Italy to Armenia!
  1. The Meaning of Chai (Symbol)

    Because it means “life,” the Chai is consequently a symbol that captures an important aspect of Judaism. According to the gematria, which is a mystical tradition ... › Judaism Basics
  1. Meaning of Hebrew Chai Symbol | Symbolism of 18 | What is ...

    Chai, which means "Life" is one of the most recognizable symbols of Judaism. Comprised of the letters Chet and Yud, together they form the word "Chai" - a word ...
  1. Twelve Tribes Banners - Stitches by Sue

    reminiscent of the flags each tribe placed at their campsite around the Tabernacle
  1. What does the Chai symbol symbolize? | Judaica Blog

    The Hebrew word Chai means life. It's a deceptively simple two letter word made up of the Hebrew letters chet and yud.
  1. Video: Jewish Weddings and Wine - The Jewish Website ...

    Nov 26, 2011 · Jewish Weddings and Wine - the secret to a Jewish marriage is hidden in the wine.
  1. Kosher Food Outlets - Giffnock and Newlands Hebrew ...

    Kosher Food Outlets. The Glasgow Kashrus authority is West of Scotland Kashrus Commission and is under the supervision of Rabbi A Moshe Rubin. WSKC
  1. The Four Cups of Wine (Jesus and the Passover series)

    It is traditional during the Passover Seder to drink 4 cups of wine. Why? To answer that, let’s think about the meaning of this ritual. In many cultures, people ...