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  1. Chai (symbol) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chai is a Hebrew word that figures prominently in modern Jewish culture ; the H2000ebrew letters of the word are often used as a visual symbol. According to the secular ...
  1. L'chaim | Define L'chaim at

    l'chaim [Ashkenazic Hebrew luh-khah-yim; Sephardic Hebrew luh-khah-yeem] /Ashkenazic Hebrew ləˈxɑ yɪm; Sephardic Hebrew lə xɑˈyim/ IPA Syllables Word …'chaim
  1. Stitches by Sue

    Jewish Machine embroidery designs for all holidays, rituals, and events in a Jewish home and synagogue.
  1. Twelve Tribes - Circle Symbols - Stitches by Sue

    There have been some confusion in the past. If you purchase these designs they are NOT finished patches or products.
  1. The Oldest Churches in the World, L’Chaim!

    Here’s a list of 5 of the oldest churches in the world from Italy to Armenia!
  1. Meaning of Hebrew Chai Symbol | Symbolism of 18 | What is ...

    Chai, which means "Life" is one of the most recognizable symbols of Judaism. Comprised of the letters Chet and Yud, together they form the word "Chai" - a word ...
  1. The Meaning of Chai (Symbol)

    Because it means “life,” the Chai is consequently a symbol that captures an important aspect of Judaism. According to the gematria, which is a mystical tradition ... › Judaism Basics
  1. Chelsea Handler Goes Topless, Covers Nipples With Israeli ...

    Chelsea Handler really, really loves to go topless. And while we’re all about her right to #FreeTheNipple, she just crossed, like, at least 1,923 lines — by ...
  1. Giffnock and Newlands Hebrew Congregation

    Kosher Food Outlets. The Glasgow Kashrus authority is West of Scotland Kashrus Commission and is under the supervision of Rabbi A Moshe Rubin. WSKC
  1. Meaning of Hamsa, Evil Eye, Dreamcatcher, Cross, Star of ...

    Learn about the meaning of popular symbols in jewelry such as the hamsa, evil eye, Star of David, ganesh, om, lotus flower, and more.