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  1. Chai (symbol) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chai is a Hebrew word that figures prominently in modern Jewish culture ; the Hebrew letters of the word are often used as a visual symbol. According to the secular ...
  1. Stitches by Sue

    Jewish Machine embroidery designs fo2000r all holidays, rituals, and events in a Jewish home and synagogue.
  1. Our Mothers - the 4 Matriarchs

    The individual women's designs are based on Israeli Postage stamps from the 1970's
  1. Meaning of Hebrew Chai Symbol - Jewish Gift Place

    Our handmade Jewish gift collection is modern, distinctive, and unique. We represent only the finest artists to present an eclectic collection of incredible Jewish gifts.
  1. Oldest Churches in the World — The World or Bust

    Here’s a list of 5 of the oldest churches in the world from Italy to Armenia!
  1. The Meaning of Chai (Symbol) - About Judaism

    Definition: Chai (חי) is a Hebrew word and symbol that means “life.” It is spelled with the Hebrew letters Het (ח) and Yud (י). Jews will often wear a Chai on ... › Judaism Basics
  1. Jewish Music Download Links

    Chai Note Designs - a new tradition, a line of products bearing our Chai Note™ symbol. Whether music is your life or your life is enriched by music, we hope you ...
  1. Giffnock and Newlands Hebrew Congregation

    Kosher Food Outlets. The Glasgow Kashrus authority is West of Scotland Kashrus Commission and is under the supervision of Rabbi A Moshe Rubin. WSKC
  1. T.O.T. Private consulting services

    On This Erev Rosh Hashanah Of 5774/75, Joe Levin & T.O.T. Private Consulting Would like To Wish You A Healthy Sweet New Year With Happiness and Goodness!
  1. Is it possible to roast an egg? |

    Mr Breakfast answers the following question: Is it possible to roast an egg?
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