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Konlabos Fruit

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  1. What does konlabos fruit do? - Questions & Answers | ChaCha

    Jan 12, 2011 · Related Questions. Is a konlabo a real fruit? Unfortunately, it does not appear that konlabo is a real anything! How do you get the fruit konlabos in America?
  1. What is monk fruit? | ChaCha - Questions & Answers | ChaCha

    Jun 29, 2009 · What is monk fruit? ChaCha Answer: Siraitia grosvenorii is an herbaceous perennial vine native to southern People's Republic of China...
  1. Cherimoya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The cherimoya, also spelled chirimoya, is the fruit of the species Annona cherimola, which generally is thought to be native to the Andes, although an alternative ...
  1. The Rundown (2003) - Trivia - IMDb

    Konlabos, the fruit used to paralyze Dwayne Johnson and Seann William Scott's characters, is actually a fruit called chirimoya or custard apple, depending on where ...
  1. The Rundown (2003) - IMDb

    Plot summary, cast and crew, user comments and ratings, reviews, production and distribution information, trailer, trivia, multimedia, and links.
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