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Jill Swaggart Scandal

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  1. Gabriel Swaggart | Crossfire Youth Ministry

    Gabriel Swaggart preaches the uncompromising Message of the Cross at the Crossfire Youth Ministry, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  1. Jill Swaggart | LinkedIn

    Jill Swaggart is the wife of Gabriel Swaggart who is the grandson of Jimmy Swaggart. She and Gabriel are the youth pastors for the Crossfire Youth …
  1. Gabriel Swaggart — Deception Bytes

    Popular Posts; Jimmy Swaggart: Straying and Preying; JSM- Masters of the Sweep; Jimmy Swaggart’s Very Crooked Halo; Jimmy Swaggart Falls By His Own Sword
  1. Gabriel Swaggart And His Unholy Worship Team - YouTube

  1. Jimmy Swaggart Printing Scandal — Deception Bytes

    What if I told you that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, a registered registered non-profit organization had used its MINISTRY print shop to print CD covers for Hip-Hop ...
  1. Gabriel Swaggart flips out on the Assemblies of God ...

    On Nov 3, grandson of famed televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Gabriel Swaggart, informed his congregation that the “Assemblies of God” was now “demonic” and not ...
  1. Jimmy Swaggart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jimmy Lee Swaggart (born March 15, 1935) is an American Pentecostal pastor, teacher, musician, author, and televangelist. He has preached to crowds around the world ...
  1. He's Alive again -Jill Swaggart - YouTube

  1. Who is jill swaggart and judy swaggart?? on AOL Answers.

    Jill Swaggart is the wife of Gabe Swaggart, Jimmy Swaggart's grandson. Gabe and Jill lead the youth ministry at Family Worship Center, Baton Rouge.
  1. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries | Family Worship Center ...

    Jimmy Swaggart Ministries website for Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Family Worship Center and the SonLife Broadcasting Network
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