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Is Beyonce Part White

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  1. Is Beyonce Knowles Black, White, Mixed Race? Her Ethnicity ...

    Beyonce Knowles is of mixed ethnicity. Her parents are of African American and Louisiana Créole heritage. Get the story.
  1. Is Beyonce part white - Answers - The Most Trusted Place ...

    WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ASK THAT QUESTION!!!!!Beyonce Is 100% BLACK: Her Father is black And Her Mother Is Black As Well.!! › … › Music › Music Genres › Pop Music › Beyonce
  1. Is Beyonce black or is she part white? | ChaCha

    Sep 25, 2009 · Beyonce Knowles parents, Matthew and Celestine, are both African-American, so Beyonce is not part white. ! Heather Deberry 0 5 months ago
  1. Is Beyonce white!?!?!?!? - YouTube

  1. Is Beyonce half white? | ChaCha

    Sep 15, 2009 · Beyonce has always been a light-complexioned Black woman. She is not half white. Her mother is part Creole and Cherokee. Melissa Nesgoda 0 5 months …
  1. How white is Beyoncé's mother? - Stormfront

    Has anyone seen Beyoncé's mother's parents, or know exactly how white she is? On WIKIPEDIA I read that she was a number of things. It didn't help. Do › General › Music and Entertainment
  1. Is Beyonce “Black”? » Sociological Images

    Feb 24, 2011 · Is Beyonce “Black ... traders to the U.S. lost track of what part of Africa ... had the children of everyone from their white friends ...
  1. Is Beyonce Part White_Wiki Searcher - Beyonce, Baphomet and Sasha Fierce. The Queen B Part 2 Good Girlz Gone Bad. Who turned Beyonce into Sasha Fierce? Is Jay-Z in the O.T.O. and … Beyonce Part White/p10