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Hatching in Art

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  1. Hatching -- Art Glossary Definition - Home

    Definition: Hatching is a shading technique used in both drawing and painting, where tone is built up through a series of thin strokes or lines that are more or less ... › … › Glossary of Art and Painting Terms: H
  1. Hatching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hatching (hachure in French) is an artistic technique used to create tonal or shading effects by drawing (or painting or scribing) closely spaced parallel lines.
  1. Foundations in Art (Univ of Delaware): Cross-hatching

    Cross-hatching: Cross-hatching is a method of line drawing that describes light and shadow. The representation of light utilizes the white or openness of the page ...
  1. Hatching & Cross Hatching Drawing Lessons & How to Draw ...

    Hatching & Cross Hatching Drawing Lessons & How to Draw & Shade with Art Tutorials for Better Illustrations, Comics, Cartoons › Directory Home
  1. Hatching and Cross Hatching - Free Art Lessons and Tutorials

    Learn how how to draw with hatching and cross hatching with this free video art lesson by
  1. hatching - definition of hatching by The Free Dictionary

    hatch·ing (hăch′ĭng) n. 1. Fine lines used in graphic arts to show shading. 2. The process of decorating with such lines. ha•chure (hæˈʃʊər) ,
  1. What Is Crosshatching? (Drawing Definition)

    Crosshatching is drawing two layers of hatching at right-angles in order create a mesh-like pattern. Used in various drawing mediums for textural and tonal effects. › About Home
  1. 6 Basic Forms of Hatching and Cross Hatching

    One of the most important tools as an artist is a strong knowledge of hatching. Learn 6 basic forms of hatching & cross hatching, & their advantages. › Blog Home › Drawing Blog