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  1. Good Rap Punchlines - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums

    Anyone got some good rap lines? Clever ones, or just good ones. You'll think im spellin' Iverson when the beef all done, cuz I'll leave you on the IV in the ER, SON.
  1. Best rap punchlines - Forums

    post up the best rap punchlines you've heard ... Yeah I sampled your voice, you were using it wrong. You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song. › … › More General Categories › Misc. › Music
  1. Best Punchlines by Biggie | Rap Genius

    What is your favorite punchline he has ever said. Mine is either… “All it’s taking, is some marijuana and I’m making MCs break fast, like flap-jacks and bacon ...
  1. Best punchline you've ever came up with | Rap Genius

    Well, since this site is apparently filled with good rappers, I figured I ask what is the best line you’ve ever came up with? Whether it be a punchline, inspiration ...
  1. Rappers: Drop Your Punchlines Here - Rap Battles - Nairaland

    Apr 11, 2014 · If you feel too lycally fit to beef someone, why no drop your punchlines here so we can see how fit you are lyrically
  1. Les meilleures Punchlines du Rap Français (fr to eng plz ...

    hey, i found this on a bunch of sites to be "the best punchlines of french rap", from what i understand.. coz i do understand some of them, not all though.. i know ... › … › French lyrics translation
  1. What are some good UNUSED rap lines - Ask Community

    What kind of rap song do you want to do? Is it about love, hate, peace, or something else? I hope this helps! › All › Music, Movies, TV & Celebrities
  1. Best Punchlines Ever!! |

    as a counter to the worse punchlines ever thread.. post what you believe to be some of the best punchlines. Heres one of my personal favorites.. Joe... › Forums › Rap Music Central › Hip-Hop Central
  1. Rap Quotes | Quotes about Rap | Sayings about Rap

    Browse Rap quotes and famous quotes about Rap on
  1. Pokemon Rap - "TM87" - Shofu featuring Jok3r - YouTube

    clean version: regular: Shofu and Jok3r lay down the Pokebeats. …