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  1. Good Rap Punchlines - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums

    Anyone got some good rap lines? Clever ones, or just good ones. You'll think im spellin' Iverson when the beef all done, cuz I'll leave you on the IV in the ER, SON.
  1. My rap battle blog entry: Sick Punchlines

    The latest rap battles on the search engines ... This page is to pay homage to the best punchlines that i've heard in RAP BATTLES
  1. Best rap punchlines - Forums

    post up the best rap punchlines you've heard ... I'm like stevie wonder I can't see a brother beating me ~ Lord finesse ... Eazy E on the song straight outta compton ... › … › More General Categories › Misc. › Music
  1. Great rap punchlines/quotes - HubPages

    In the past i have actually paused the music and applauded with a great big smile on my face when i hear something that i didn't expect or hear someone try something new. › Entertainment and Media
  1. Rappers: Drop Your Punchlines Here - Rap Battles - Nairaland

    Jul 24, 2014 · If you feel too lycally fit to beef someone, why no drop your punchlines here so we can see how fit you are lyrically
  1. Words related to punchline - Urban Dictionary: punchline

    Jul 20, 2005 · Rap: I met a girl named selest with big breasts, when she touched me , i was hard like a spanish test. Joke: How does a zombie get pleasure. He monsterbates.
  1. How to Be a Punchline Rapper | eHow

    How to Be a Punchline Rapper. Rapping consists of rhyming and lyrics; however, composing punchline lyrics can be a difficult task. Punchlines, which are typically ... › Arts & Entertainment › Music › Bands & Artists
  1. How to Construct Better Punchlines |

    In this article, you will learn the following: What is a Punchline; Sources of Punchline Creation; How to form the Punchline; 1. What is a Punchline
  1. Best Punchlines by Biggie | Genius - Genius | Annotate the ...

    What is your favorite punchline he has ever said. Mine is either… “All it’s taking, is some marijuana and I’m making MCs break fast, like flap-jack16d0s and bacon ...
  1. Best Punchlines Ever!! |

    as a counter to the worse punchlines ever thread.. post what you believe to be some of the best punchlines. Heres one of my personal favorites.. › Forums › Rap Music Central › Hip-Hop Central