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Gamefowl Farms in Oklahoma

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  1. Top Game Fowl Farms, Game Fowl For Sale and Gamefowl ...

  1. Hamlin's GAME FOWL FARM - Angelfire

    [ Photos | About Us | Links | E-Mail | Meet Jerry | Spotlight] About Us: Oklahoma Oregon Game Fowl Farm as it is now called is located in the Mckenzie Valley near the ...
  1. Jerry and Barbara Lawrence Game Farm, Quality Gamefowl ...

    Chris and Gennie On 23rd of December (2009), we drove hundreds of miles to go to JBL Farm. Thru the darkness and coldness of the night, with the aid of flashlights ...
  1. Fowl Pox in Chickens - Hobby Farms

    Fowl pox is a viral disease that mostly affects the featherless skin of chickens. Fowl Pox Symptoms Fowl pox causes round, raised lesions with “scabby” centers.
  1. Fowl Cholera in Chickens - Hobby Farms

    Fowl Cholera in Chickens Spread by wild birds and farm vermin, this disease poses a serious risk to your flock. By Jose A. Linares, DVM, and John El-Attrache, PhD
  1. Gamefowl History - Sundown Game Farm

    Lacy Roundheads by George Wood (1942) Judge Ernest Lacy of Jasper, Alabama, who was my mother's brother, originated the strain of roundheads which bears his name in …
  1. Game Fowl Central - OoCities

    Confederate Game Fowl Farm: Sequatchie Game Farm : J.A.M. Fowl California: SOCKET ROCKET GAME FARM: Ace Gamecock Farm: MIRABELLA REAL GAME FARM
  1. Guinea Fowl, what do you think of them? - Farm Life Forum ...

    Mar 28, 2007 · This forum is for the discussion of topics involved in operating a farm, as well as farm life in general.
  1. SteelGameFarm So.Calif. Home - STEELGAME FARM AMERICAN ...

    SteelGame Farm offers American Game Fowl ,Fowl raised on this Facility are for Show and Exhibition ONLY. Not for Fighting Please Do not Ask.. Member of So. Calif.

  1. Common Poultry Diseases in Small Farm Flocks in Oklahoma

    Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources • Oklahoma State University Stanley L. Vanhooser, DVM Poultry Veterinarian