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GM Part Number 1052271

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    Enter part numbers (only part numbers - no descriptions) to search for: Also add these parts to your cart ^ Back to Top ^
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    Common Part Numbers for 1986-87 Buick Turbo Regals and Grand Nationals
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    Chevrolet Parts Center - Call 816-521-7540 for Genuine Chevrolet Parts, Chevrolet OEM Parts, Chevrolet Part Number Search, Chevrolet Part Number, Chevrolet Part ...
  1. GM part # cross reference - Community

    Found this, some of you guys probably already know about it. You can enter a part number (has to be GM) and it will say what cars it came in. Useful for junkyard hunting.
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    Find great deals on eBay for gm parts cross reference . Shop with confidence.
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    Recommended Fluids and Lubricants. Usage . Fluid/Lubricant . Engine Oil . Engine oil with the American Petroleum Institute Certified For Gasoline Engines "Starburst ...
  1. Vehicle List by Part Number

    You can locate an ACDelco part number by entering another part's part number and brand name
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    Duramax diesel oil, lubricant, and fluids guide for GMC and Chevrolet pickups. Includes OEM fluid specs for engine oil, ATF (automatic transmission fluid), gear oil ...
  1. How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Chevy Silverado | eHow

    Sep 10, 2008 · Maintain your Chevy Silverado automatic transfer case with Auto-Trak II fluid, GM part number 12378508 in the United States. A manual transfer case takes ... › Cars › Auto Repair › Do It Yourself Auto Repair
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    Gear Vendors Overdrive Units Installation Instructions for Cars, Pickups and RVs. Improve Economy, Towing and Hill Climbing Performance.