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  1. E-Commerce: (5) G2CGovernment to Citizen

    Jun 09, 2010 · This Model is also a part of e-governance. The objective of this model is to provide good and effective services to each citizen. The Government provides ...
  1. E-Governance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Government to citizen . The goal of Government to Customer (G2C) e-Governance to is offer a variety of ICT services to citizens in an efficient and economical manner ...
  1. What is Government to Consumer (G2C) E-Commerce | IGI …

    What is Government to Consumer (G2C) E-Commerce? Definition of Government to Consumer (G2C) E-Commerce: The electronic commerce activities performed …
  1. What is G2C e-commerce? -

    E-commerce is doing business on the Internet. It speeds up the transaction process and can cut advertising costs. It also allows consumers to shop from their own homes. › Categories › Uncategorized
  1. G2C eCommerce - SiteGenerator

    @UK's Government-2-citizen SiteGenerator solution allows local authorities to offer online payments for their services such as payment for council tax, licenses and ...
  1. E-Government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    G2C (government to citizens) G2E (government to employees) G2B ... e-library, etc.), e-commerce, e-democracy (web-election, Russi14a2an public initiative).
  1. E-Governance G2B, G2C, G2G - Marksman Technologies

    G2C and G2B and G2G e-Government is all about government agencies working together to use technology so that they can ... Analogous to e-Commerce, ...
  1. What Is G2g ,g2b ,g2c And Examples? - Blurtit

    Finally, G2C e-commerce is becoming more popular for citizens to purchase postage, ... What Is The Example Of Business Policy And Strategy? Strategy. › Politics & Government