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Epoxylite 6203

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  1. P.D.George Adheisve Resin products - ChemCenter Ltd

    Product: Manufacturer: Location: Quantity: Price: Order: EPOXYLITE 6203 (165959) EPOXYLITE 6203 A/B ADHESIVE STRUCTURAL HIGH TEMP. EPOXY BASE IN …
  1. Epoxylite Hi Temp Epoxy Systems - Elantas

    ELANTAS PDG, Inc. 5200 North Second Street. St. Louis, MO 63147 USA. Tel 314.621.5700. Fax 314.436.1030.
  1. ELANTAS PDG, Inc. Electrical and Electronic Resins Data Sheets

    VPI / dip-and-bake resin with superior electrical properties at elevated temperature. Excellent for traction motors.
  1. RFQ List - ChemCenters

    ADHESIVE COATINGS Adhesive Coatings 3M™ Fuel Resistant Coatings EC-776 • General purpose, solvent-based adhesive/coating with good adhesion to synthetic …