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Drawsol WM 4740

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  1. Cindol™ 4611 - Houghton

    Use vanishing lubricant Cindol™ 4611 for light stamping of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its odorless carrier solvent evaporates readily and leaves minimum residue.
  1. Cindol™ 4601 - Houghton

    Cindol™ 4601 is a light-viscosity lubricant used in non-ferrous metal forming. It provides outstanding results in stamping light-gauge aluminum for radiation and ...
  1. Houghton metalworking fluids, Hocut coolants, neat oils ...

    Acculube supplies Houghton Metalworking Fluids, including Hocut products for aerospace, machining aluminum alloys and exotic metals, and biostability. We feature ...
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    Houghton International, Inc. Datasheets for Metalworking Lubricants, Coolants, and Fluids
  1. Toxic Substances Control Act Trademarks And Product Names ...

    ----- PREFACE The Trademark and Product Name List was compiled in conjunction with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory.
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