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Drawsol WM 4740

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  1. Stamping Lubricants - Acculube

    Acculube is Now the Distributor for Houghton Stamping Lubricants! Neat Stamping Lubricants. Drawsol 850 and Drawsol 850X2 are extremely heavy-duty stamping
  1. Machinery & Equipment - Houghton

    From raw metal to the finished component, Houghton fluids help your machinery fabrication processes operate efficiently. With over 140 years of field experience ...
  1. Medical Devices - Houghton

    Metal Cleaning Houghton knows the science of metal cleaning can be managed effectively by understanding fluid chemistry and the medical de2000sign manufacturing process.
  1. Houghton metalworking fluids, Hocut coolants, neat oils ...

    Acculube supplies Houghton Metalworking Fluids, including Hocut products for aerospace, machining aluminum alloys and exotic metals, and biostability. We feature ...
  1. Toxic Substances Control Act Trademarks And Product Names ...

    ----- PREFACE The Trademark and Product Name List was compiled in conjunction with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory.
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