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  1. Donna Stanga | - | Blogging from the brig. . .

    Mar 06, 2012 · Shelby Stanga might be a television personality, but you won’t find him living in luxury. The swamp logger prefers to sleep in a sleeping bag and hammock ...
  1. Shelby Stanga Earned $2 Million From Pulling Logs

    Ax Men star and Louisiana logger Shelby Stanga began pulling logs when he was only 11 years old in the alligator infested swamps. His net worth is $2 …
  1. Ax Men - Swamp Sidekicks - YouTube

    A look at the characters that join Shelby this year, including a childhood friend, a business associate, the log buyer, a beauty queen, and even his wife ...
  1. Did Shelby stanga get divorced ? | ChaCha

    Sep 11, 2013 · Did Shelby stanga get divorced? ChaCha Answer: Shelby and his wife Donna are separted but not divorced.
  1. The Legend of Shelby the Swampman: Ax Men's Shelby Stanga ...

    Ax Men's Shelby Stanga has gotten his own spin-off show appropriately titled, The Legend of Shelby the Swampman. › Movie News
  1. Does Shelby Stanga from Ax Men have children - The Q&A wiki

    Is Shelby Stanga from Ax Men married? Stanga has a sometimes-estranged wife, Donna Stanga. What kind of dog is shelby's from ax men? A Corgi mix. An all … › Categories › Uncategorized
  1. Is Shelby Stanga from Ax Men married -

    Stanga has a sometimes-estranged wife, Donna Stanga. › … › TV Shows and Series
  1. Jehovah's Witness Child Custody: Swamp Man Logging

    Aug 14, 2013 · Chuck, Donna is indeed a witness, and has been for quite some time. She and I go back as far as high school, and she is a great person. She is not rough ...
  1. stanga Classic

    Stanga è il primo slip senza elastici. Uno slip di uso quotidiano comodo e pratico che libera da ogni segno