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  1. Disable AdChoices Pop - up - MalwareFixes

    AdChoices pop-up advertisements are caused by an adware that is bugging the web browser. It is injected as browser add-on to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fir › Adware
  1. Your AdChoices - How interest based advertising finds you

    X. When you click the AdChoices Icon on ads on your favorite Web sites, you learn more about interest-based ads. Watch this mildly educational video to find out how ...
  1. How to Disable AVG Antivirus | eHow

    May 27, 2009 · How to Disable AVG Antivirus. AVG AntiVirus provides free or paid protection from viruses and other security risks, depending on your version. If your anti ... › … › Computer Software › Antivirus Software
  1. How to Disable Microsoft Outlook | eHow

    Sep 22, 2010 · How to Disable Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is the email client that comes standard in the Microsoft Office bundle for Windows operating systems. › Internet › Email › Microsoft Outlook
  1. Your privacy and Microsoft personalized ads

    Your privacy and Microsoft personalized ads. Home; Personalized ad preferences; Legal Privacy & Cookies © 2014 Microsoft
  1. Flash Player games, video, or audio don't work | Windows

    On the Manage Add-ons screen, on the left pane, under Show, select All add-ons from the pop-up menu. All add-ons for Internet Explorer are listed on the right panel.
  1. How to remove/block/stop AdChoices(Ad Choices) pop-up ads ...

    Nov 11, 2013 · How to remove/block/stop AdChoices(Ad Choices) pop-up ads? Best way to disable AdChoices pop-ups
  1. How to disable user account in windows 7 home premium ...

    When I try to delete a Windows XP Home user account, it goes to "not responding.' How do I solve this problem? Forum; Solved I hve a Windows 7 Home Premium ... › Forum › Windows 7
  1. Step-by-Step: Disable Active Scripting in Internet Explorer

    A step-by-step guide, with screenshots for visual aid, for disabling active scripting in the Internet Explorer web browser. Turning off ActiveX can protect your ... › Security 101
  1. How to Disable the Popup Blocker in Internet Explorer ...

    Disable the popup blocker in Internet Explorer ... Popup blockers are useful for avoiding unwanted ads and windows that might slow down your computer. › Software & Video Games for the Family