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  1. DR 008: What is Financial Freedom [with Jean Chatzky ]

    Interview with Jean Chatzky on the meaning of financial freedom and how to achieve it.
  1. Transfer Credit Information - LSU Shreveport

    Transfer Credit Information. Credits earned in colleges and universities accredited by regional accrediting associations are accepted by the university.
  1. Does Jean Chatzky Believe in Budgeting?

    Today Show financial editor Jean Chatzky picks up the phone to share her thoughts with on retirement planning, paper-and-pencil budgets, and nearing age 50.
  1. Martha Beck's Financial Planning for Happiness Strategy

    One of the most damaging financial traits I see is stubbornness. The couple whose business hasn't made it out of the starting gate suffers from a serious bout of it.
  1. How to Give Cash as a Gift: Jean Chatzky's Advice on Cash ...

    Jean Chatzky explains how to give cash as a gift without feeling bad. Learn about gifting sites Honeyfund and Deposit a Gift and how to make 529 contributions › Money
  1. How to Understand Your Bankruptcy Score | eHow

    A bankruptcy score determines how likely you are to file for bankruptcy. It is often referred to as a "Hidden Credit Score," since many lenders use it to determine ... › … › Money Managing › Borrowing Money
  1. Resume and Interviewing Tips - How to Find Your First Job

    When You Apply Be ruthless with your résumé. Cut anything that's fluff or doesn't pertain to this particular job you're applying for. Include only skills you are ...
  1. | More Money, Better Credit & Total Security

    The Smart Credit Report is new credit and communications technology patented under USPTO 7,818,228 and is not a credit report as traditionally known or viewed, nor is ...
  1. What Does Adverse Credit Mean -

    Adverse credit is a situation where you do not have normal credit. It is a term that is used to describe borrowers who have defaulted and been unable to satisfy › Q&A › Internet › Web Design and Development
  1. Mortgages |

    Although there are many diverse offerings among mortgage lenders, you will find some similarities no matter where you turn. For instance, every mortgage offer will ... › Real Estate