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AKM Receiver Template

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  1. AKM / AKMS Receiver Blank - 226222, Tactical Rifle ...

    Spcb6ortsman's Guide has your AKM / AKMS Receiver Blank available at a great price in our Tactical Rifle Accessories collection › … › Tactical Rifle Accessories
  1. Polish AKM-47 Receiver Blank 7.62x39 - Arms Of America

    This blank is in the white it has the magwell, grip screw opening and trigger opening is cut. There are no holes for the trunnions, axis pins, or selector. No ...
  1. Polish AKM 47 Receiver Blank- On Sale Center Support Rivet ...

    Polish AKM 47 Receiver Blank- On Sale Center Support Rivet and Rails Package NOW INCLUDES CENTER SUPPORT & RAILS!
  1. AKM / AKMS Receiver Blank - Slickguns

    Description: Coupon "SG3459" for $10 of $99 or Coupon "SH1061" for Free Shipping No Minimum - Original Receiver Blanks, factory new, for your AKM / AKMS AK-47!
  1. AK-47 Receiver template ACE Arms. - The FAL Files

    In case any other AK builders are interested. ACE Arms has put their2000 AK-47 receiver template showing where to drill holes and magwell openings.
  1. Modern Firearms - AK-47 AKM

    Kalashnikov AK (AK-47) AKS, AKM and AKMS assault rifles (USSR) The AKM is a gas operated, selective fire assault rifle. The gas operated action has a massive bolt ...
  1. 80% AK47 Receiver Blank - Henderson Defense Industries

    Product Details This is a BATFE-approved blank receiver for the AK-47. It has been professionally stamped to give the correct corners and bends which are hard to ...
  1. Elysium (2013) - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns ...

    Cousar Crowe assault rifle . The Cousar Crowe is a fictional assault rifle carried by Elysium security droids, human security, and also by Drake (Brandon Auret).
  1. Nodak Spud NDS-3 economy receivers at $55 each

    AK Receivers From NoDak Spud® If you have any questions please e-mail us at or call 952-942-1909. You can fax a copy of your FFL to: ...
  1. ak47stocks - AK-47 World.

    Romanian 'Side-folder' Wire Stock stocks - will even fit Chinese & other 1.5mm Receiver
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