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35 Percent Heart Function

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  1. Will a heart ejection fraction 35 percent or less live 5 years

    Hard to say. An ejection faction of 40 or lower can indicate that the patient MAY die of cardiac arrest. After the first year after a heart attack your chances of ... › Categories › Health › Cardiovascular Health
  1. What percentage should my heart function at - How can a ...

    My boyfriend has congestive heart failure. 3 months ago he had a stoke that left his heart function at 28 percent and they gave him 8 months at mos... › Health > Other - Health › Heart
  1. Apple - Start

    Jul 29, 2014 · Apple hot news, launches, apple events, movie trailers and iTunes this week.
  1. How to live with 100 PerCent Blocked LAD - Heart Disease ...

    Jan 09, 2012 · My husband has been seeing a well known preventive cardiologist in Houston for two years after being diagnosed with severe CAD and 100 Per cent blockage
  1. Heart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The heart is a vital muscular organ in humans and many other animals, which functions to pump blood around the body through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.
  1. New Study Shows Using Statins Actually Harms Heart Function

    New study found that statins or cholesterol-lowering drugs may negatively affect your myocardial or heart muscle function.
  1. Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D

    Calcium as a nutrient is most commonly associated with the formation and metabolism of bone. Over 99 percent of total body calcium is found as calcium hydroxyapatite ...
  1. Chapter 6 Fats - Health

    KEY RECOMMENDATIONS. Consume less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fatty acids and less than 300 mg/day of cholesterol, and keep trans fatty acid ...
  1. Heart failure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Terminology . Heart failure is a physiological state in which cardiac output is insufficient to meet the needs of the body and lungs. The termed "congestive heart ...