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1.375 to Fraction

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  1. 1.375 as a fraction

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  1. Convert Inches to Decimal - Fraction Conversion Chart

    This inches to decimal conversion chart allows you to convert fractions to decimal. What is the formula used to convert fractional inches to decimal?
  1. Fraction and Metric Conversion Chart | The Wood Database

    very nice chart! good stuff! i faced the fractions converting need recently and using similar charts i programmed the fraction calculator! might be very useful for users:
  1. Chrome Steel Balls in Fractions (sampling) - Salem ...

    Salem Specialty Ball - Supplier of precision balls in any size, material and grade. If you can't find that ball, we have it! Order from one ball to millions. There is ...
  1. Tire Sizing Systems - Sheldon Brown-Bicycle Technical ...

    The traditional sizing systems are based on a measurement of the outside diameter of a tire. This would usually be measured in inches (26", 27", etc.) or millimeters ...
  1. Fractions, Decimals and Millimetres - Spaenaur

    R Tel: 1-800-265-8772 Fax: 519-744-0818 CATALOG 13 Fractions, Decimals and Millimetres Inches Inches Inches Inches Fractions Decimals Fractions Decimals Fractions ...
  1. Tyre Sizing Systems - Sheldon Brown

    Note that the inch-based designations sometimes express the width in a decimal (26 x 1.75) and sometimes as a common fraction (26 x 1 3/4). This is the most common ...
  1. Sprockets - Chains - Pulleys

    Inv# Description /Full Description. Price. per. 6650 (2) 45 Tooth Size 40 Heavy Duty Idler Sprockets (2) 45 Tooth Idler sprocket for 40 chain. Has a 6013 Sealed ...
  1. Oval Labels - Oval Stickers - OL9830 - 2.5" x 1.375" Oval

    2.5" x 1.375" Oval Labels - Printable Oval Labels work great in desktop printers. Same day shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices makes ordering printable oval labels ... › Labels on Sheets
  1. Envelope Sizes - 100's of Envelopes in all sizes, styles ...

    Print White Ink on Dark Papers, Metallics and More! White Ink Printing is available on a huge variety of products and is sure to make your mailings stand out! › Shop By Size
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